Our Studio Mission

In our Studio, we embark on a journey of exploring layered heritages and sustainabilities through a  "Decolonization from the Other Side." Our primary goal is to dismantle the superiority complex, encouraging students to examine their place in the world. True sustainability, as we see it, necessitates a decolonization across processes, materials, and labor practices.

Our mission revolves around developing topics that actively engage in the process of interrogating knowledge, pedagogy, and architectural practice mindsets. Through our work, we aim to push boundaries and challenge conventions, striving for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future in architecture.

Join us at the Architecture Heritage and Sustainability Chair as we embark on this transformative journey, reimagining architecture in a way that's not just visionary but also responsible, just, and deeply rooted.

Our Pedagogy

Our teaching approach is both coherent and dynamic. We provide readings that align with our core ethos, emphasizing conceptual ideas and their relevance to our topics. Our focus is on nurturing students' intent and assisting them in developing their conceptual ideas.

During desk crits, our emphasis is always on instilling good design practices. The focus of studio is not in instilling our personal preferences but about fostering a strong foundation in design principles. Structured Conversations are pivotal in instilling the ethos of our Chair and Studio. These conversations are a cornerstone of our pedagogy, facilitating critical discussions and the exchange of ideas.



FS24 - Master Thesis
Enough of this World: Museums


FS24 - Design Studio
At the End of the World: Museums


FS23 - Design Studio
The End of Youth

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Prof. Mariam Issoufou
Chair for Architecture Heritage & Sustainability
ETH Zürich
Department of Architecture

HIL E 47.1
Stefano–Franscini–Platz 5
CH–8093 Zürich

+44 633 48 58