Museum Rietberg Repurposed

Linquan Xu

As an institute of control, the museum firmly seizes the power through the iteration of narratives that derive from its collection. The museum designs and organizes its space based on newly established narratives to guide visitors’ viewing experience; this sequence, in the end, reinforces the new narrative in the first place. To architecturally decolonize a museum is to move away from this top-down design by scattering objects in the space so that there is no clear hierarchy in the museum. The digital files producing chocolate copies can be used to build an online collection of objects for people to access without barriers. This way, the museum does not control physical objects anymore. And museum visitors are transformed into internet users. In addition, museum objects, such as showcases and pedestals, are experimentally preserved to proactively create meaning in the post-chocolate time.


Julien Lafontaine Carboni, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Mariam Issoufou, Soukaina Laabida, Tobia Rapelli, Filippo Santoni